About us

Forged from a spark of curiosity that developed into a passion, Lumi Lighting invites you to explore new ways to illuminate your space.

As a complete lighting supplier, Lumi Lighting offers approved builders, electricians, architects and designers an array of products and services to fit seamlessly into residential and commercial projects. Our goal is to curate tailored lighting solutions to each of our clients, working collaboratively to adapt to varying budgets, styles and applications.

Though based in Melbourne, Lumi Lighting contributes to fit-outs throughout Australia, fulfilling small requests from boutique interior designers through to full-scale orders for some of Australia’s largest volume builders. Each of our products have certified compliance to Australian standards, which includes decorative pendants and wall lamps alongside practical interior and exterior light fixtures. We also have the capacity to work with our clients on custom lighting layouts and bespoke product designs for the perfect finishing touch to any project.

The team at Lumi Lighting has a hands-on approach to building their knowledge about our product offering. We are constantly learning about our industry could and happily talk at length about the latest interior trends or lighting innovations. Drawing on years of evaluating products, hours of research and multiple rounds of product testing, we provide our clients with skilled service and high-quality products.