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Brand new

Kann Pendants

We’ve recreated a few of our favourite silhouettes in this season’s key colours and brushed brass. Designed to work as a cluster, select a combo to tell your own story. Whether you’re going for eclectic boldness, a balanced pop of colour or neutral minimalism, the choice is yours.


Vega – Flicker Free

The Vega utilises a new flicker-free driver to help create a healthier lighting environment. 
With a variety of optical options available, the Vega offers a greater choice and control.


The Bellucci

Deceptively simple in its appearance, this minimalist light possesses numerous functional advantages over traditional downlights. The ingenuity of the Bellucci is in its function as, not simply a wall light, but also an uplight.


Kī – Doorbell

Energy efficient smart WiFi video doorbell with high quality two-way intercom.